CRAFT SPIRITS in Australia

  What makes a spirit a “craft spirit? Well you may ask…is it, the ingredients, the method, the scale of production, the business model, the length of the distiller beard? While there wouldn’t appear to be a widely accepted definition, there seems to be an ethos in the industry that encompasses all of the above. OK, maybe not the beard length thing.

In any case, we are excited to witness the unfolding of one of the fastest growing industries in the country. Around 50 distilleries have emerged in Australia in the last couple of decades, ranging from southern Tasmania to the far west Western Australia to North Queensland. Most notably, a little distillery in Tasmania that is acing it on the world stage:

An Australian whisky is officially the best in the world – Sullivans Cove from Tasmania received the prestigious World Whiskies Awards 2014 prize for ‘The World’s Best Single Malt’.

A BIT OF HISTORY about spirit production in Australia

Sir John Franklin, the second Governor of Hobart, banned the practice of small pot distilling in Hobart. Then when Federation happened in 1901 that law became national. It took the determination of Bill Lark (dubbed the father of the Australian boutique whisky industry) to change the ancient law in 1992 (you can 'legal geek' out here).