Think globally, drink locally 

It is our fortune in this wide brown land to be witnessing a great and sustained surge of the craft beer and craft spirits industries.  The land down under is coming of age, and the quality of our products is placing Australia on the world stage. 
'Drink Miles' is a concept akin to 'Food Miles'- the idea being that all products we consume have a carbon footprint,  some of this is attributable to the transportation of the goods. Not only that, your dollar stays here, in small business, in local communities. We'll drink to that.
Here at John Mills Himself bar we calculate the kilometres each product has travelled (by road) and present our menu in such a way that you can make choices to reduce your carbon footprint, by drinking local.

Craft Beer - under 180kms by road.

Our taps change weekly, some favourites stick around for longer. We have featured : Stone & Wood, Balter, All-Inn Brewing Co, Croft / Archer Brewing, Newstead Brewing, Green Beacon Brewing Co., Revel Brewing Co., Black Hops, Brewtal Brewers,  and our own seasonal creations!

Craft Spirits - all over Australia.

Some craft distillers were formerly farmers, struggling with low crop prices and changing effects of mother nature. While some turn to drink, these guys turned to make drink. These innovative farmers have turned around their stories by taking their grain on a much longer journey. Situated mostly in rural/ regional areas, the success of these distillers flows into their communities with increased economic activity, employment and training. Our craft spirits map is available for you to see whats happening near you. Learn  More here.

SEQ wines - under 250kms by road.

Wines from both the Granite Belt (around Stanthorpe) and South Burnett region feature on our menu. we carefully  select the best wines for your enjoyment keeping a close eye on the local industry and the Queensland Wine awards.